“The great ponds at Sheffield Place at the right season of the year are bordered with red, white and purple reflections, for rhododendrons are massed upon the banks and when the wind passes over the real flowers the water flowers shake and break into each other. But there in an opening among the trees stands a great fantastic house ……….” The words of Virginia Woolf, writing in May 1937.

Internationally renowned for magnificent autumn leaf colour and breathtaking azaleas and rhododendrons in early summer, Sheffield Park Garden is 120 acres laid out in the formal ‘landscape’ style by ‘Capability’ Brown, and later Repton, in the 18th century. Further planting over the ensuing centuries includes the development of a spectacular arboretum of both exotic and native trees. With four lakes at its heart reflecting the changing images of the seasons, the Garden has something to offer all year round – from the excitement of the popular autumn colour season to the peaceful tranquility of a crisp winter day. The early spring visitor will come upon snowdrops and daffodils heralding the end of winter and bringing the promise of beautiful colour in the year to come.

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